Using Trello for Genealogy

I discovered Trello about 6 months ago and use it for everything now.
I use it for brainstorming blog subjects, I use it for brainstorming things I need to do for my business, and most importantly I use it for my genealogy.

Trello is used for project management – a “card” gets dragged and dropped between “lists”, representing where a task is in project stages. It’s basically a to do list!

For my genealogy research, I have a “board” per project, and each project is broke up into the following lists:
– To Do
– Researching
– Complete (if you can ever class genealogical research as complete)

I set up a card per person as I go through the family tree. I have a ever-evolving research checklist that I use for all cards – an example of this is in the screenshot. I can then tick off everything I need to look for as I go.
This is especially useful for my personal research as I am going through 1,800+ family members that I’ve researched and checking for missing information.

All you need is to set up a free account and/or hook it up to your Google Account. It even has an app!

Give it a go for your family research – it might be the online tool to replace your notepads of “Things to Research”.

Screenshot of Trello



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