A new project – building a life’s path

Electoral Rolls/Records

Ancestry provide access for election years up to 1981 online – anything from 1981 can be accessed from all New Zealand libraries.

The trick is to look for each year, and look for the full name.  When you find the person, look at the visual of the record and see who else with the same last name lives at the same address.  This could be a spouse, parent, or child.  Sometimes even an uncle or aunty.

With women, search the records for them with their maiden name, and married name.  Make sure that you don’t look for them with their married name before they were married – this will be somebody else (been there, done that!).

When looking at the electoral rolls through Ancestry, I found:

  • 1949 – found maternal grandfather in Supplementary Roll- also found:
    • married female with same last name at same address in Main Roll – possibly mother? has same middle name as maternal grandfather
    • male (Presbyterian minister) with same last name at same address in Main Roll – father or brother?
    • male (clerk) with same last name at same address in Main Roll – father or brother?

To figure out the relationships, I searched BDM for the marriage of the married female, and sure enough, she married the Presbyterian minister in 1916.  Possible parents?

  •  1954 – found maternal grandfather in Main Roll – also found:
    • widowed female (same name as female in 1949) at same address in Main Roll
    • male (clerk) at different address in Main Roll – brother?

Sure enough, the male (Presbyterian minister) died in 1952 (after checking the death records in BDM).

  • 1957 – found maternal grandfather in Main Roll (different electorate to previous years) – also found:
    • maternal grandmother at same address in Main Roll – have now married

I would now check the original electorate to see if the widowed female is at the original address from previous years, and whether the male (clerk) is still at the different address.  I would also be checking whether anybody else appears at the same addresses as these people.

  • 1963 – found maternal grandfather and grandmother in Main Roll (same electorate as 1957)


  1. Search electoral records on Ancestry, looking for other family members

What I could do next:

  1. Search BDM for the possible family members found – to help decipher relationships
  2. Look for cemetery records and/or headstones for those possible family members and see if the inscription tells you the connection.

Not every moment of my genealogical research will be detailed here – there is too much. This is more about the logic used while using different genealogical resources.


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