Using Google Maps for Genealogy

I’ve recently started piecing together where my family members/ancestors lived and where they moved to.  Using the Google Maps Engine Lite has made that easy, as I can create each ancestor as a layer of my map, give all markers for each ancestor a different colour or style, and write notes on each marker.Google Maps ScreenshotFor instance, if you clicked on any of the markers in my map, you would see the year he lived there, and his occupation.  This information is easy to find in the New Zealand Electoral Rolls – you can find out full name, address (or road), and their occupation.

Google Maps Screenshot - marker closerup

I haven’t yet added in this particular ancestor’s map where they were in World War II – but the best things about Google Maps, is I can add that in at any time.  And change things if I’m wrong!

I’m adding this to my template Trello card for each ancestor from now on – this may take me a while!


The best iOS apps for genealogy

I’ve only been an iOS user for a short time, but already I have a few favourites when it comes to apps. Feel free to comment with your favourites.

The easy way to keep in touch with who in your family is getting married, having a baby, etc. There are also lots of Facebook Pages and Groups dedicated to genealogy, even specific groups for some clans.
Feel free to contribute to my Its all Relative page while you’re there.

If you use the Family Tree Maker program or you use, the iOS app integrates nicely into the family. I can choose between any of the family trees I have set up on the Ancestry website, or even create a new tree. Viewing a family member allows you to see all their events (birth, marriage, death, where they lived, etc) in a smart timeline and add to it. Adding a photo (from your iOS gallery) is a simple task, or you could take a photo then and there to be added. Many of the Ancestry features, but in a small, portable package!

A great place to record notes, photos, and even voice recordings. Handy if you haven’t got a pen and paper with you. Huge potential with genealogy!

Like Facebook Pages, there are lots of genealogy groups and researchers that can be found here. Whether you decide to interact with these people, or simply enjoy their knowledge sharing, it’s an interesting network to be part of. Do a search for #genealogy and go from there. Or check out who I follow on Twitter.

Simply the best app Ive used to follow blogs and save articles for reading later. Nuff said!

These are most used and valued apps, and even better, they are all free. Feel free to comment with your own faves 🙂