Genealogy Services

I can help with any aspects of your family history – I can do it all, I can teach you to put it together, or I can find the one family member that’s frustrating you.

Relative Frequency

A weekly or monthly subscription to the services, based on the amount of research required.
Services provided are:

  • Research and contribution to your family tree
  • Photographs of ancestors, headstones, etc (if possible)
  • Copies of Birth/Marriage/Death certificates (if required)
  • Email templates for gathering current information from family
  • And much more…

Price on enquiry.

Teaching Relationship

1 hour, half-day or full day seminars to get you started with researching your own family.

Price on enquiry, and location (Skype, in person, in person – travelling required)

All The Relatives Starter Package

This includes:

  • a 30 minute interview in person or via Skype
  • 4 hours genealogical research – as many relatives as I can find
  • purchase of 1 NZ Births, Deaths, Marriages printout
  • print out of all research completed and copies of any documents found
  • electronic copy of your family tree
  • and various templates and recommended links for continuing your research
  • and more…

NZD $180 for the starter package.

By the hour or relative

If you just want help with one person, or within a tight budget, this is the best option for you.

NZD $30 an hour.

Gift Vouchers

E-vouchers are now available, in hourly increments, or to work with your budget.

Starting at NZD $30.

Note – if for some reason, I can only find limited information on your family in the time allotted to research your family, It’s all Relative reserves the right to reduce the project cost as they deem fit.


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